Center Hours:
Monday – Thursday 9a – 4p
Friday 9a – 3p

Participation fees for SCHI are  $2.00 per week. An additional minimal fee applies to a few of our fitness classes with the fees going directly to the instructors. It is important to note that should you be unable to afford the weekly fee, it will be waived.

See our calendar to view upcoming events and programs for members.

Donations are readily accepted.

SCHI receives 47% of its funding from Federal, State, County, and City funding along with funding from United Way of Sumner County. The balance of our budget comes from fund raising events and local civic, business, and community support.

Our members are our greatest asset! Folks from literally all walks of life… retired teachers, law enforcement, attorneys, Veterans. We continually learn from each other and our life experiences!

If you know a Senior who would like to become more active, meet new friends, renew old acquaintenances or enhance their overall quality of life, then SCHI is the place! Please contact us through the website or call (615) 822-8758 or drop in. We’d love to see you!