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About Us

About Us:
SCHI was chartered in 1986 and first established when it began meeting once a month at a local retirement home. In 1991, portions of the current facilities became available and in 1993 an agreement was made between Sumner County and the City of Hendersonville for the property (formerly known as Hawkins Middle School, or the original HHS). After assuming control of the property from Sumner County, the City of Hendersonville leased the approximate 9,500 square foot building to SCHI for 25 years, with options to renew. The good news was that the space was ours, the bad news was that the Hendersonville Fire Marshall’s Office had condemned the larger portion of the building in March of 1993. Many seniors, businesses, organizations, and individuals from the community banded together, donating money and time to clean up and revamp the Center. It re-opened on October 30th, 1993.

SCHI has a requested donation of $2.00 per week, per member for participation in the Center’s activities. However, if you are unable to participate in a donation, your participation is gladly welcomed, because we realize that not everyone has extra money. SCHI does not discriminate on any basis, for any reason, therefore you are always welcome to participate! The Center has continued to grow and currently receives about 47% of its funding from Federal, State, City, and County sources. The Center also receives about 10% of its funding from United Way of Sumner County, leaving approximately 43% of the funding to be raised through participant and organization contributions and community based fund raising.

Our Mission:
The Mission of SCHI is to provide the facility, equipment, and programming necessary to enhance the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of persons age fifty (50) years and over in the Hendersonville community, and to provide a network for seniors to enjoy the company of their peers; sharing similar interests, developing new ones, and making new friends. In addition, to provide the stimulus to assist older adults in remaining as active and vibrant as possible, for as long as possible. Further, to help provide transportation for senior day trips to a variety of venues.